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As outstanding real estate professionals, we strive to provide increasingly high quality and comprehensive services to the people who trust us.

If you have ever purchased real estate, or are currently in the process of searching, you are aware of the stressful and unpleasant moments of the process. Long explanations with thousands of agents. Driving aimlessly around unsuitable properties, and the hundreds of flash offers. Smashing your personal and work schedule “supposedly” for the perfect property for you. Losing valuable time, energy and emotion.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, wasteful viewings and constant stress are elements we can avoid. This is exactly why we created the service: ‘Time’, which allows you to see the properties that have been matched to your needs in all their natural light, all their advantages and disadvantages in real time, viewing them from a comfortable setting. With our video viewing there will be no digital manipulation, we want you to see the property in its natural state so you can make a better informed decision before negotiating a purchase.

If you are out of the country/ in another city or just too busy to look at a property you want to buy. This service is just for you.

There is no charge for a video inspection for a real estate buyer – the service is free.

Locations covered include Plovdiv and all surrounding settlements within a radius of 20 km.

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