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Interesting fact: In just 6 months, renovation works have increased in price by over 30%. And the reasons are related both to inflation and to the new higher prices of building materials, as well as to the higher wages of craftsmen and other factors such as: electricity, transport and gas costs.

Repair can be easy! Our partners are the best in the industry.

The service includes:

  • Preliminary inspection, evaluation and preparation of an accurate plan account
  • Planning the time range for carrying out the repair
  • Working to a pre-set budget
  • Permanent quality supervision
  • 15% – 20% discount on all materials
  • Consultation with a designer
  • Delivery of the object on time

Our long experience allows us to create a group of reliable partners and the best specialists in the field of renovation: interior designers, construction and renovation teams, architects, engineers and designers.

Our partners offer turn-key apartment renovation services with ready-made architectural designs and fixed price. You’ll get a finished, quality, technically competent repair without overpaying, stress and wasted time.

Do what you love, and we’ll help you with the repairs!

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