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Interesting fact: Few people invest in anything other than what they can touch and see.”

The volume of new business in consumer loans in BGN increased in February by 18.7% (BGN 95.9 million) to BGN 608.7 million. The increase in housing loans was 11.3% (BGN 44.7 million) to BGN 439.9 million.

We will find the best deals for you and negotiate preferential terms for financing a home purchase or a consumer loan.

The service includes:

  • explaining the main features of the contract,
  • negotiation of the loan amount and its price,
  • renegotiation of the annual percentage rate of charge (APR – a single figure representing the total cost of the loan, including interest, commissions, fees and any other type of costs),
  • clarifying the number, frequency and amount of all your payments,
  • information on important legal aspects.

Whether you’re planning to buy an apartment in a new building, prefer a secondary residence, or will become a suburban real estate owner, you can be sure: we’ll provide you with the best mortgage terms. We have partnership programs with the best banks, which means that with us you will get unique offers and discounts that are not available to ordinary customers.
Our database contains many urban apartments, there are villas and townhouses in villages, summer cottages and plots. We’ll help you get a mortgage and gather all the necessary paperwork for any property you want.

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