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Posted by Focus Real Estate on August 23, 2022

Who tries to save hundreds of levs, loses thousands!

Find out what these contracts mean and how they can be extremely useful to you. Few people know how this type of relationship works. In Bulgaria, the term “exclusive” was discredited from the very beginning, when the real estate market was formed. A large number of firms have made fundamental mistakes, distorting the true benefits of professional selling. Especially for property owners, we decided to write an article to give a full insight into why exclusive contracts are the key to a successful sale.

Few organisations in the market are prepared to take full responsibility for the sale of a site, some brokers simply overlook the key actions aimed at realising any property transaction.

By entering into an exclusive contract between a seller and their personal broker, you can rest assured that your broker will be 100% committed to working for your best interests. This will also show potential buyers that you are serious about your decision to sell. Buyers or sellers should never think of the contract as a tool to keep them tied to an agent or agency.

This type of agreement guarantees the work your broker will do to protect your interest. At the same time, you’re assured of having a professional agent looking after you from day one right through to closing. Whether you have never sold a home before or have done so in the past, signing an exclusive contract would be an extremely wise decision.

So what is exclusive, who needs it and how do we work on it?

This is above all the right organization of work – that is, the management of the sale. At this stage, we need to understand the owner’s needs, divide the site into pros and cons, and work with the resulting data. This includes:

– collection of correct technical information

– site evaluation

– pricing and sales strategy

– pre-sales preparation

– inspection mode

– presentation materials (photos, videos, presentations)

– advertisement

– Feedback in – you only talk to one person who gives you feedback on each view.

Special attention should be paid to pre-sales preparation.

Agree that viewing professional and atmospheric photos is much more enjoyable than those taken in haste with a mobile phone. Sometimes it’s enough to choose the right angle when shooting, and sometimes we do Virtual Home Staging, which is ideal for properties with outdated or missing finishes. Our experts superimpose the possible visuals over actual photos and videos of the property. This approach allows us to help the potential buyer, inspire emotion and allow them to imagine the property as their own.

A very important point are the inspections. For those who live on site, we develop a bespoke action algorithm so we can prepare for the inspection as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Today we live in a world where the visual wins. We divide several types of advertisements depending on the owner’s goals. They can be:

– teaser

– expert

– object

– 3D tour

You will be surprised, but it is extremely important to write a professional description of the site. The buyer reads it really carefully. And this is one more step towards a successful sale.

For some properties, we arrange an Opening House to pass on information about the house or apartment to third party agents of the highest quality. It should be understood that the speed of communication between brokers is much higher than in broker-seller relationships, so we consider it a gross mistake to ignore brokers from other agencies.

We are focused on the outcome, which makes the process no less important. And the interaction between the owner and the agency must be as transparent as possible, only then can we count on success. Signing an exclusive contract is a fiction as it is not just another contract, but a relationship!

Focus Real Estates truly believes in exclusive contract projects, we do not underwrite illiquid properties. Our team devotes a lot of time, attention and resources to maintaining such a service. Handling exclusivity is the personal responsibility of the broker and the collective responsibility of the entire organization. If you are faced with the task of effectively selling your property in the shortest possible time – contact us!

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