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EPC construction

Posted by Анна on July 4, 2024

One of the quite common types of construction, especially in the larger cities of Bulgaria, is EPC. However, its abbreviation is a major reason why most people don’t know what exactly is behind it. EPC is the abbreviated name for large-area formwork.

What it means and what we need to know about it

Large-area formwork (LAF) is a monolithic reinforced concrete building construction technology that uses large vertical (up to 16 m²) and horizontal (up to 24 m²) reusable formwork sheets.

They first appeared in Germany. The reason for this is the urgent need for rapid construction of multi-storey buildings in large German cities. They are the product of an industrial revolution in construction, complete with means of mechanised transport (horizontal and vertical), such as tower cranes, hydrobunkers, concrete cubes, concrete pumps, concrete units, concrete mixers, vibratory machinery, etc. In the early 1970s, Bulgarian builders began working in Germany with large-area formwork. The acquired experience was applied in Bulgaria on sites first in Stara Zagora and Sofia.

This type of construction has three systems of construction, but the most widely used in Bulgaria is Creeping Formwork – it has the greatest application in the creation of multi-storey buildings. In this system the formwork is in constant upward movement on the floors. The load-bearing structure is made of reinforced concrete washers, columns and slabs, and the interior walls, which are not load-bearing, are built with different materials, even bricks.


Fast construction
Better energy efficiency
More resistant construction, even in seismic activity
Long service life
Real square footage


Higher cost compared to panelized housing
Difficulties and potential problems in negotiating common area repairs with the residents of the unit.

Why is this technology no longer used?

EPC buildings are sustainable and safe, but are not a suitable solution nowadays as there is much more than just a quick turnaround.

Since we already have an urban environment and there is not much free space for new constructions, new, innovative and different solutions are sought. An individual approach is required for each idea.

After 1989, there are almost no buildings constructed using this method, as they are outdated in terms of construction and design. The new buildings are intended to create a more beautiful atmosphere. They bring a sense of beauty and comfort. Each contributes to the modernisation of the area in which it is located.

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